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11th of maart 2019 09:21 PM Link
Photos taken today from the Dutch Pastry Award 2019 in Gorinchem during the "Bakkersvak". They had to present a showpiece and a pastry cake. There were 9 people in the jury also from the Dutch Pastry team. The showpieces were all in chocolate and the theme was Heroes.
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8th of maart 2019 01:55 PM Link
Delivered this Ivory white colored Wedding Cake yesterday for Nathalie and Pascal at Landgoed te Werve. The limoncello flavoured cake was filled with strawberrymousse and fresh fruit. The sugar flowers were made inspired by the English Roses bred by David Austin. Had enough of working with pearls for this week๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ.
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18th of februari 2019 09:29 PM Link
Made some traditional Swedish "Princess cakes" for Marcus, celebrating 50 at work.
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14th of februari 2019 04:26 PM Link
My Valentine bears; Balloon bear, Rose bear and Yoga bear. Happy Valentine day!
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6th of februari 2019 02:42 PM Link
A rainy day like this I have to show you some amazing pictures from a wedding.
I just stumbled upon these pictures on my computer, taken already one and half year ago.
I usually stack the wedding cakes in the kitchen where the event take place. Not much time, place and light to make pictures. Luckily I received pictures from Karin taken by the photographer from 'Blik en Bloos fotografie'. But I think I didn't show them to you yet (as many other wedding cakes๐Ÿ™ˆ).
Although I am a colorful person I really loved making this black and white cake with some dark silver. So proud of this cake, I love how it turned out to be and my sugarflowers. The cake was designed together with the wedding couple.
2nd of februari 2019 02:14 PM Link
Made a cake yesterday with a cake topper inspired of the creativity from the birthday person himself. He was very happy with the cake!๐Ÿคฉ
This layered "Daim" cake has a chewy almond cake layer and two layers of chocolate cake. Filled with a thin layer of a soft caramel/chocolate cream and mascarpone whipped cream with some fresh fruit. The cake was covered with chocolate milk ganache and some daim chocolate crumbles. Moist and not too sweet I heard.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„
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20th of januari 2019 10:55 PM Link
A combination cake for a party with two birthday boys. The themes were Robocar Poli on one side and on the other side the Splatoon game with a touch of the Fortnite llama. The cake was filled with mascarpone creme with fresh fruit and raspberry cremeux.
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3rd of januari 2019 05:59 PM Link
Cream cookie tart with ginger bread taste.
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1st of januari 2019 12:22 AM Link
Happy New Year wishes from me! 2018 was the year when I learned a lot printing with my 3D printer. Now to see what I will print in 2019โฃ
30th of december 2018 09:19 PM Link
Happy birthday Jessica! A pistachio cake filled with raspberry mousse, lime cremeux en mascarpone creme with fresh rasperries.
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27th of december 2018 01:05 AM Link
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22nd of december 2018 07:20 PM Link
No christmas without baking a cake just a few days before christmas for the daughter of my dear friend Jessica. So then you have the moment when the stress hit you and you make a stupid mistake. Instead of Nanice I wrote something else....๐Ÿ˜ฆ. And I wasn't there to correct it.... Eventhough I hope you had a great birthday Nanice!
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20th of december 2018 07:43 PM Link
Baking Christmas tree cookies (pepparkakor) with my son today for the market at school. They were collecting money for ALS.
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9th of december 2018 08:39 PM Link
Aad and Atie celebrated this weekend their 50th Wedding Anniversary. A Swedish gingerbread cookie instead of a card.๐Ÿ˜
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8th of december 2018 03:09 PM Link
Attended yesterday a christmas market at the American school in Wassenaar. So nice! Brought 3D printed cookie cutters, christmas cookies, candy canes, cake toppers, my special version of gingerbread dough and gingerbread house boxes (ready to make it yourself). Everything printed or made by myself๐Ÿ˜‰. Thankyou my dear assitant Jessica for all help yesterday!