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13th of oktober 2018 05:07 PM Link
Wedding Anniversary Cakes covered and decorated with marzipan filled with lovely vanilla and raspberry creams. I love these sweet birds they had on their invitation cards 40 years ago. Today they will receive the birds on a cake ordered by their daughter.
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6th of oktober 2018 09:09 AM Link
Silver shiny and chevy vanilla macarons. Yesterday treat at my daughters horseclub. She changed group and is not riding on a pony any more but on big horses🙈.
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24th of juni 2018 02:06 PM Link
Yesterday we celebrated midsummer in the garden of the Swedish church in Rotterdam. Great party, games, nice food, a beautiful midsummer pole was made and we had fantastic weather! More than 150 people joined. As we sing about frogs when dancing around the midsummer pole, the theme of the party was frogs and flowers. These cute frog cakes were also a prize to win.
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12th of juni 2018 04:47 PM Link
Next Saturday we will celebrate midsummer in the garden of the Swedish church in Rotterdam. Please come and join! Celebrating midsummer is very traditional for all swedish with a lot of food, songs, playing and dancing around the midsummer pole which we first make together.
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10th of juni 2018 02:29 PM Link
6th of June is the Swedish National Day. Our blue and yellow day. Yesterday we celebrated in Rotterdam in the Swedish church. Therefore, I will share with you some yellow and blue Cake pops. Obviously, if you mix yellow and blue it will turn green😉, it may represent all the green nature in Sweden.😊
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1st of juni 2018 07:05 AM Link
This week also a Birthday cake voor Filippa 1 year old! Cake inspired from the Fischer-Price farm toy.
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29th of mei 2018 11:38 AM Link
Today is my daughters birthday! In Holland the children bring treats to school on their birthday and I thought it would be nice for Elicia to bring some chocolates to school with herself on it. And of course something with horses and the logo of Starstable.... But what a work in this hot weather... Pretty happy with the results though😁.
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27th of mei 2018 11:03 PM Link
Mother's Day was celebrated in Sweden today. Two weeks ago we celebrated Mother's Day in NL and this mango/passion heart cake (decorated with sugar flowers) was made for dear Joop and celebrated with family in NL. The cake was however orderd from daughter Cynthia living in Switzerland.
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27th of mei 2018 12:32 PM Link
Last year I made a Pippi cake, this year a Peppa cake for Pippa!🤣😂😁Happy birthday Pippa!
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19th of mei 2018 03:20 PM Link
Did some piping this morning... 😉. Adrian likes Brainy Smurf. The smurf with the glasses. I hope you had a nice Birthday party Adrian!
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12th of mei 2018 07:33 PM Link
Peony for tomorrow...
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20th of april 2018 07:06 PM Link
I am not busy with unicorns this weekend😉🤣
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15th of april 2018 12:13 PM Link
A cake for the soccerplayer Bo turning 9 year old. Happy birtyday Bo! I hope you will have a nice party today!
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14th of april 2018 09:43 PM
A cake for the soccerplayer Bo turning 9 year old. Happy birtyday Bo! I hope you will have a nice party!
14th of april 2018 02:32 AM Link
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roland! Wish you a nice weekend driving around in a bus like this.🙂